Caribbean Export Executive Director, Deodat Maharaj, Visits Sub-Regional Office in the Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Caribbean Export’s Executive Director, Deodat Maharaj, visited the Dominican Republic  in March 2023 where he met with key stakeholders from the public and private sector. This was Mr. Maharaj’s first mission to the Subregional Office since taking up the post of Executive Director. While in Santo Domingo, he held meetings with the Dominican Republic Exporters Association (ADOEXPO), the Dominican Republic Export and Investment Promotion Agency (ProDominicana), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX), Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEPYD)and the Vice Ministry of Foreign Trade of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and MSMEs. Mr. Maharaj also had the opportunity to discuss regional matters with the Ambassador of the European Union to the Dominican Republic.

During his visit, Maharaj had the opportunity to meet with the press and exchange information about the Agency’s regional programs. He also spoke on how the Agency is undergoing a transition process that seeks to align with new areas relevant to international economic development, such as the transition to a green economy, the incorporation of technology in traditional economic sectors, and innovation and digitalization of our business across the board. Maharaj shared the Agency’s vision of leveraging the Subregional office in the Dominican Republic to serve as a bridge to enhance commercial opportunities between Latin America and the rest of the Caribbean.

Besides the high-level stakeholder meetings, Maharaj spent some time engaging with local media outlets in order to raise the visibility profile of the Agency. He was a guest on the radio program “Almuerzo de Negocios,” where he highlighted some of the success stories of Dominican companies abroad through the agency’s programs that have strengthened the commercial exchange of regional businesses. He also discussed the upcoming Caribbean Investment Forum (CIF), which will be held in the Bahamas in October of this year. The event aims to attract investors to the region and will focus on attracting investment in the Agrotech, Green Economy, and Technology sectors.

In an interview with El Nacional newspaper, Maharaj indicated that one of the new markets the region is focusing its attention on is African countries. “There are great business opportunities in Africa for the Caribbean. A large percentage of the African population is young and interested in novelty,” he said. The agency plans to explore this market through a trade mission in June, which will be accompanied by a large delegation of entrepreneurs and trade promotion agencies from the Caribbean.