Services Registry

Welcome to the CE Services Registry

The CE Services Registry is a database of Service Providers in the Caribbean.

Search for companies based on location, professional accreditations, areas of specialty and industry categorization.

The CE Services Registry is also a great resource for Caribbean services providers looking for information on CARIFORUM-EU EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement); a range of export guides and trade information to assist you provide your service across borders.

Why Register?

Submitting information to the registry is entirely voluntary, however, there are a number of benefits to be experienced by firms and practitioners listed on the registry, although none of these benefits are guaranteed by Caribbean Export.

Benefits to registered firms/ practitioners

  • Heightened recognition and visibility which could help in adding another layer of legitimacy and professionalism to the firm/ practitioner.
  • Registration can trigger new collaborations and partnerships as firms are able to identify other companies or practitioners with skills sets that they currently lack but that would enhance and extend their business offering.
  • Registration could lead to an increase in clients as promotion of the registry would expose firms/ practitioners to a wider client base.

Benefits for wider population

The registry is designed to address needs like:

  • Easy identification of providers in represented sectors
  • Easy access to contact information for service providers
  • Access to the credentials and experience of service providers.
  • A growing body of knowledge about the sectors that can inform policies and interventions aimed at addressing widespread challenges and bringing improvements to the sectors represented.
  • Data on the regional services sector which clarifies whether progress is being made towards national and regional targets and can result in raising the international profile of the represented sectors.