J&J Spirits, SRL

Mamajuana is an ancient Dominican beverage initially
made by the Taino Indians (Natives) for health purposes.
Many locals believe the drink possesses aphrodisiac
qualities. Today, Mamajuana is consumed and enjoyed for
several reasons but according to locals, its health benefits
are unquestionable.
Mamajuana has traditionally being sold in bottles filled with
herbs and bark. It is possible to find the finished product
locally but extremely difficult to get your hands on it.
Consequently we seized the opportunity to produce and
distribute the brew both locally and internationally. It can
be found in the northeast of the United States, in some
Caribbean Islands, Chile, Peru, Germany and China.
Mamajuana Kalembu contains all natural ingredients and is
quickly becoming a household name around the world.
At J&J Spirits we also provide the service of co-packing and
private labels for your spirit drink of choice, specially rums
and liqueurs.