Investment opportunities in the Caribbean – Ms. Racquel Moses

Caribbean Export came to Dubai because it recognized the importance of getting investments from nontraditional sources. Of course, it is important to consolidate the traditional sources of investments, but in these challenging and new times, different areas and different sources of investment are worth taking a look at.

One important factor that needs to be considered is that as the Caribbean seeks to transition from Covid 19 and to build a new and green economy, focus needs to be made on new areas.

That’s why Caribbean Export worked on a package of projects such as technology, E-commerce, agriculture, and renewables because these are priority areas for us in the Caribbean.

Caribbean Export was delighted to have over 250 participants and investors from across the United Arab Emirates joining us at the Caribbean Investment Forum in Dubai as the intention is to build on this foundation and continue to work closely, to be able to generate investment from places like the United Arab Emirates to create jobs and opportunities for our people.

When interviewed about the opportunities for investment in the Caribbean, Racquel Moses, CEO of the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator answered:

“As a region, we have very ambitious goals related to the Paris commitment. Together we are at about 17% on average with outliers like Costa Rica, which can run almost exclusively on renewable energy. The rest of the region is eager to join Costa Rica in this race. We have opportunities for Geothermal, wasted energy, wave, wind, and certainly lots of solar. There are so many opportunities. We really hope that we get investors who want to be joint venture partners or who want to invest just money to be able to help us with this energy transition.”

Racquel Moses is CEO of the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator. She has served in several executive-level positions at large multinational organizations and Caribbean leadership organizations including country head of Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago and the regional director of the public sector for Microsoft Caribbean, portfolio head Europe and Americas and Head of Caribbean and International projects for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), president of InvesTT Trinidad and Tobago as well as leadership positions within JP Morgan Chase, Cable & Wireless and Fujitsu.