Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee: Poised to be Europe’s Coffee of Choice

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is known for its unique flavour profile and high quality, which makes it a sought-after coffee by many coffee enthusiasts around the world.  A specialty coffee grown in limited quantities in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica, it is generally considered to be one of the most expensive and exclusive coffees available in the world. Its rarity and high quality have contributed to its popularity and high demand among coffee aficionados.

The demand for this coffee naturally will fluctuate depending on a variety of factors, including supply, pricing, and consumer preferences.  However, globally the specialty coffee market was worth over USD53.67bn in 2019, with the EU specialty market valued at $16.68 billion (almost one third of the global total) which is also projected to grow by 9.0% annually between 2020-2026 due to rising demand for on-the-go coffee and a strengthening premium coffee shop segment.  

Given the immense opportunity for Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in Europe, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Affairs sought to enhance the competitiveness of Jamaican coffee in the EU. The Ministry commissioned the Caribbean Export Development Agency to facilitate an in-depth study on the European coffee market and the scope for increased exports of Jamaican coffee.

“Currently, approximately 10% of Jamaica’s exports of Blue Mountain Coffee goes to Europe. There is indeed significant scope for its expansion given the EU’s large consumer base. According to existing data, Europe accounts for approximately 33% of global coffee consumption, making Europe the largest coffee market in the world, and, accordingly, one with great potential.” shared Ambassador Symone Betton-Nayo.

Taking a practical, market-led approach, the consultant Windward Commodities, met with a cross-section of Jamaican and European coffee stakeholders and engaged in other research activities to determine the trends in the EU market and explore how Jamaica could expand its coffee exports to Europe and compete successfully in the market. 

The study entitled Time to wake-up and ‘cup’ the coffee – Expanding Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee in the EUoutlines a number of market-led recommendations and practical steps that can create transparency and collaboration in the Jamaican coffee industry – playing to the strengths of supply chain partners and exploring partnerships in new markets.

Caribbean Export was delighted to collaborate with Ambassador Betton-Neyo and her team to facilitate this crucial review of the Jamaican coffee sector to enhance the competitiveness of its exports.

“We are confident that the recommendations will have a positive impact on ongoing efforts to expand Jamaican coffee exports to the EU.  We commend Caribbean Export for its strong and tangible contribution to efforts aimed at enhancing the Caribbean’s export potential in the European market” concluded Ambassador Betton-Neyo.