Meet The Designer – Bijou Lakay

Meet the Designer - Bijou Lakay

Bijou Lakay, the Brand

Bijou Lakay is an award winning jewellery brand created by Daphnée K. Floréal.

Meet the Designer - Bijou Lakay
Daphnée K. Floréal., founder of Bijou Lakay

Inspired by Haitian culture, Bijou Lakay’s hand-crafted accessories are designed to complement outfits for both day and night.

Natural materials such as bullhorn, wood and bone are just some of the precious materials used to create the brand’s earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Each accessory is delicately made by craftsmen who use traditional tools and methods passed down through the generations. The brand also creates limited edition collections with precious gemstones such as turquoise and pearls.

Daphnée is a creative at heart, who enjoyed fashion and art from childhood. She now finds joy in designing jewellery that represents Haiti and sharing them with the public.

Bijou Lakay’s Impact on Caribbean Fashion

Bijou Lakay has proven to be an influential Haitian brand, having won regional and international awards. As the founder of the brand, Daphnée is very proud of her achievements. She has also seen a positive change in local attitudes towards fashion.

“15 years ago, people [would] never wear a bullhorn piece to any big events or to go to work. Now, when you wear artisanal accessories, you look cool and trendy.”

Maeva is designed for our black queens

The ideal Bijou Lakay customer is a person who is open to creativity and not afraid to try new styles.

As a Caribbean designer who has been in the industry for a number of years, Daphnée has experienced challenges similar to other fashion brands in the region. These include lack of international exposure as well as financing to expand a brand’s presence and product offer.

Despite the obstacles, Daphnée focuses on increasing her brand’s exposure via the Bijou Lakay’s social media channels. She has also attended international exhibitions to showcase the unique accessories whilst connecting with overseas customers and potential stakeholders.

The Bijou Lakay brand is available to purchase online via their website that offers international shipping. Their website also has a form where distributors can contact the company for opportunities to retail the brand at their outlets.

The Future

Celebration is a masterpiece, handmade with bullhorn

As a brand, Bijou Lakay’s online presence continues to expose the brand to local and international audiences. The website is a channel that gives international customers access to bold, statement accessories created in Haiti.

When asked about her goals for Bijou Lakay, Daphnée is keen to expand her accessory line to include more statement pieces with precious materials by international craftsmen to create more unique accessories that will complement her brand’s range of product for the brand.

To find out more about Bijou Lakay, you can find them at: bijoulakay