Regional Private Sector Advocacy Group

Caribbean Export is in the process of implementing the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Regional Private Sector Development Programme.  In order to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of Caribbean Export’s programmes and to advise on the overall direction of the Agency the Regional Private Sector Advisory Group (RPSAG) was created.

The role of the RPSAG will specifically address the following:

  • the overall strategic direction of the Agency;
  • the current challenges affecting private sector growth, with particular reference to export related issues;
  • possible areas of focus for future Caribbean Export programmes;
  • guidance on how to improve existing programmes that are offered by Caribbean Export;
  • recommendations for future export markets for CARIFORUM goods and services.

The Regional Private Advisory Group is convened twice per year. For more information on the Group and its role in the Agency, please contact Allyson Francis, at or join our mailing list.