Why Have an Angel Network?

While individual angels are incredibly important, few angels have the time or financial resources to find and fully fund a portfolio of 10 or more companies by themselves. Instead, they often look to connect with other like-minded Angels to share the work and pool resources.  As a result, Angel networks have grown significantly; in 1996 there were approximately 10 angel networks in the United States, and by 2006 that figure grew to just over 200[1].

Angel networks, which pool the resources and knowledge of their members, often overcome many of the challenges associated with solo investing and investing in emerging environments, such as those existing in the Caribbean.

Why investors join CBAN?

CBAN is focused on supporting investors to achieve more by:

  • Providing increased and better deal flow;
  • Allowing for more efficient use of the investors time;
  • Providing pre-screened opportunities;
  • Enabling diversification of risk (10 small deals vs. 1 big deal);
  • Providing access to international industry level knowledge and templates;
  • Introducing investors from different countries to each other;
  • Helping investors form new groups and syndicates;
  • Ensuring collective due diligence – with multiple skills and expertise in the network;
  • Providing the potential for cross border deals;
  • Providing social benefits – interacting with likeminded people;

Why entrepreneurs join CBAN?

CBAN is focused on supporting entrepreneurs by:

  • Assisting firms in their preparation to be placed on the platform for viewing by Angel investors;
  • Providing training on “How to Pitch” to an Angel Investor
  • Showcasing their businesses to accredited Angel investors and financial institutions in the Caribbean and diaspora;
  • Providing access to international industry level knowledge on Angel Investing and corresponding templates;
  • Providing follow up support during deal negotiations


[1] Jeanne Lee, Fortune Small Business Magazine 31st May 2006