Caribbean Export Development Agency Garners Coveted Awards in 2023

The Caribbean Export Development Agency proudly announces its receipt of prestigious awards in recognition of its unwavering commitment to driving economic growth, sustainable business practices, and trade development in the Caribbean region.

Bestowed “Best Investment Promotions and Trade Agency 2023” by The European

The Caribbean Export Development Agency has been honoured with the esteemed title of “Best Investment Promotions and Trade Agency 2023” by The European, a highly regarded publication. This accolade commends the agency’s exceptional devotion and proficiency in catalysing business transformation and fostering investment growth through strategic alliances. The agency has consistently demonstrated its unwavering dedication to fostering economic progress and development throughout the Caribbean by actively seeking innovative solutions and attracting substantial investments to fortify local enterprises.

Deodat Maharaj, Executive Director at Caribbean Export, expressed his gratitude for the award, affirming, “This recognition reaffirms our commitment to driving investment and trade within the Caribbean region. We take immense pride in our achievements and remain resolute in our mission to nurture sustainable economic advancement and prosperity.”

Honoured for “Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Business and Economic Growth”

In addition, the agency has been bestowed the award for “Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Business and Economic Growth.” This accolade acknowledges the agency’s pivotal role in advocating, implementing, and prioritizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. The agency’s unwavering focus on developing an Investor Map grounded in responsible and sustainable principles has yielded favourable outcomes in areas such as environmental preservation, climate action, sustainable investments, and the well-being of local communities.

Caribbean Export’s Ongoing Commitment

These prestigious awards arrive at a pivotal moment as Caribbean Export prepares to host the Caribbean Investment Forum in Nassau, The Bahamas, in collaboration with the European Union, the Government of the Bahamas and CARICOM. The primary objective of this forum is to expedite the economic transformation of the Caribbean by attracting foreign direct investment into key sectors, including the green economy, technology, agricultural technology, and logistics and shipping.

“The European has been celebrating accomplishments, innovation, and excellence over the past decade through its annual awards program. These prestigious awards honour exceptional organizations and individuals who distinguish themselves and propel their industries toward progress. The criteria for recognition encompass crucial factors such as good governance, innovation, expertise, and exceptional service quality,” shared the European Awards Team.