Caribbean Export Embarks on Pioneering Trade Mission to West Africa, Fostering Business Cooperation and Economic Growth

  • Over 15 Caribbean Businesses, Business Support Organisations and Investment Promotion Agencies to participate in landmark mission
  • Contingent to engage with counterparts in Ghana and Nigeria
  • Sectors of focus include renewable energy, agriculture and AgTech, and Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Fintech

Over the period of June 5-15, 2023, the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export), is embarking on a historic mission to selected African markets, with a primary focus on Ghana and Nigeria. This ground-breaking mission aims to deepen cooperation, boost trade and investment, and establish partnerships in the renewable energy, agriculture and AgTech, ICT and Fintech sectors.

Commencing in Accra, Ghana, the two-week mission sets out to achieve two primary objectives. Firstly, Caribbean Export will facilitate meaningful business matchmaking between private companies in Ghana and a group of Caribbean enterprises carefully selected following an open call for expression of interest and evaluation process. Participating Caribbean companies include Baron Foods (Saint Lucia), CELLPAY Corporation (Haiti), Global Integrated FinTech Solutions (Barbados), GMcEnergy Ltd. (Jamaica), Sonover Inc. (Grenada), Tijule Company Ltd (Jamaica), and Williams Solar (Barbados). To ensure the success of this endeavour, the Agency has enlisted the support of experienced in-market consultants with extensive knowledge of the local market and business ecosystem.

Secondly, Caribbean Export recognises the significance of fostering comprehensive business engagement. In addition to facilitating trade and investment between the CARIFORUM private sector and their African counterparts, the Agency expects fruitful outcomes from dialogues between the region’s public sector agencies and their African counterparts. To facilitate this, Business Support Organisations, including Trade Promotion Organizations and Investment Promotion Agencies will play a vital role in the mission.

Deodat Maharaj, Executive Director at Caribbean Export Development Agency, emphasized the immense potential for trade between the Caribbean and Africa across multiple sectors such as agriculture and AgTech, FinTech, renewable energy, tourism, and creative industries. He stated, “Our countries possess valuable commodities, unique products, and services that can cater to the demands of discerning consumers in both regions. Through systematic business-to-business engagement, we can establish robust value chains that optimize our resources, expand market share, and create new opportunities for our people.”

This ground-breaking mission signifies the dawning of a new era of trade and investment cooperation between the Caribbean and Africa. Caribbean Export eagerly anticipates strengthening ties, expanding market access, and supporting the creation of a prosperous future for both regions.