The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator looks for startups with digital solutions to address leading corporate challenges

  • Over 30 corporate challenges related to Smart Production have been already submitted to the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator Matching Platform.
  • Leading Corporates are looking for Smart Solutions from startups to achieve sustainability, flexibility, automation, optimization, and effectiveness in their operations.
  • Startups from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean are invited to develop new business opportunities by joining the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator Matching Platform.

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator has officially started developing new international business partnerships with more than 30 corporate challenges submitted to the Matching Platform. From now on, startups from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean with innovative digital-based solutions are invited to address these challenges and develop new business opportunities by joining the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator.

The European Union finances this Matching Platform offered by the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator to corporates, startups, companies, investors and all actors involved in the EU-LAC innovation ecosystem. A consortium of 10 partners from Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, led by TECNALIA Spain, are implementing this open innovation methodology with a strong commitment to bridging the digital gap and fostering partnerships to generate digital business collaborations. Once the new business partnerships are matched or established, the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator will provide acceleration services until they are investment-ready.

Open innovation business partnerships are fully activated

During an initial stage of the Smart Production Call for Challenges, corporates operating in primary, manufacturing, and service sectors have submitted their challenges. Currently, through the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator platform, they are searching for innovative digital solutions from startups and SMEs based in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean that can offer sustainability, flexibility, automation, optimization and improved effectiveness in their operations.

Several renowned corporates have adopted the open innovation methodology by the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator, including SACYR, InfoTrack, L’Oréal Group, Coninsa, Volkswagen Innovation Group and CAF. By sharing their challenges, these leading corporates have expressed their interest in undergoing a digital transformation to improve, renovate and/or diversify their activities. Only a few selected startups will be chosen to collaborate with these corporates and come with their digital technologies to address their challenges and thrive businesses.

Connecting with venture clients and expanding business 

Among the opportunities offered by the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator to the innovative startups, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • Expand internationally by developing joint collaborations
  • Development of a customised business roadmap from highly-qualified experts
  • Receive acceleration services (valued up to 40 k€ – no equity taken)
  • Establishment of venture-client collaboration with leading corporates
  • Access to financial and investment resources
  • Get visibility through an international prestigious network

Startups Solutions: how to apply?

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator is looking continuously for startups based in Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean to solve digital challenges for corporates willing to transition to the smart era. To be selected, the startup/SMEs with a digital-based solution must be in a region different from the corporate challenge. 

Interested startups and SMEs can contact the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator for more information, access to additional information on the webpage, or directly join the matching platform

After registering on the matching platform, they can access the challenges, connect with the corporates and submit a matching solution.

The EU-LAC Digital Accelerator invites startups to match their value proposition with open challenges, to connect with venture clients, and to develop new business opportunities internationally.

Join the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator