Virtual E-Commerce Accelerator Programme (VEAP)

Caribbean Export is very pleased to inform you that we will soon be implementing the Caribbean Virtual E-Commerce Accelerator Programme (VEAP).

VEAP is a 15-month initiative implemented by Caribbean Export with funding provided by Expertise France under the auspices of the Digital REsponse Connecting CiTizens Programme (DIRECCT) – a joint initiative of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OEACP) and the European Union.

VEAP is aimed at building capacity of Business Support Organisations (BSOs) and firms to adopt e-Commerce technologies and processes leading to broader and more effective market reach, customer engagement and export sales. The programme will begin in September 2022.

Specifically, this initiative will:

  • Train Caribbean firms and BSOs in ecommerce strategy and operations
  • Equip the BSOs with ecommerce coaching skills
  • Provide BSOs and firms with the tools needed to implement their E-Commerce strategies

To apply to this programme as a BSO, please click the button below:

Or scan here:

For further details on the VEAP and how BSOs can participate and benefit, please clink on the link to the VEAP Information Bulletin for BSO: Introducing the Virtual E-Commerce Accelerator Programme (VEAP)