Competitive Intelligence Training

The Caribbean Export Competitive Intelligence training aims to increase the use of high-quality market intelligence by SMEs to support their entry, supply and operation in various export target markets. The training was designed to better equip SMEs to make informed business decisions and increase their export competitiveness.

The specific objectives of the training programme are:

  • To provide regional firms with a basic understanding of Market Intelligence including information on assessing export readiness, selecting ideal target markets, market entry requirements, and developing an export strategy
  • To identify the traditional data sources for market information and provide demonstrations on the use of these platforms
  • To build the capacity of regional firms to procure market information for use in their trade and business activities to ensure sustainability
  • To provide firms with the basic understanding of how to leverage digital channels to connect with current and prospective customers through Digital Marketing.

The training which usually occurs over 2 days is completed in partnership with a local Business Support Organization (BSO) and includes the following topics:

  • Assessing Your Export Readiness
  • Identifying Appropriate Target Markets
  • Efficiently Using Market Intelligence Tools
  • Establishing Strategic Cross Border Relationships
  • Learning Modern Marketing Concepts
  • Developing Business Plans & Financial Planning

For more information about this programme contact Mikaela Stoute at Caribbean Export via email: