Caribbean Investment Forum: The Premier Investment Event in the Caribbean, Coming to The Bahamas in October

During this week, a delegation from Caribbean Export visited the Bahamas to conduct crucial meetings with key stakeholders while intensifying their preparations for the second edition of the Caribbean Investment Forum (CIF). This event is scheduled to take place from October 23-25, 2023 at the Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas. In collaboration with the European Union and CARICOM, the Agency will partner with the Government of The Bahamas, working closely alongside teams from the Ministry of Tourism, Investment and Aviation.

The CIF aims to accomplish three significant objectives: (1) Attract targeted investments into prioritized sectors, specifically those essential for driving the region’s transition towards a greener and smarter economy. These sectors encompass the digital economy, agri-tech, renewable energy, and transportation and logistics. (2) Enhance the visibility of the region and the host country as attractive investment destinations. (3) Facilitate networking and collaboration among the investment community in the region, leading to agreements on key priorities that will expedite the region’s transition to a greener and smarter economy. The primary focus is to create a platform for businesses to engage with one another and foster new business opportunities.

Following the inaugural CIF, the emphasis in 2023 will be on packaging investment opportunities in the identified priority sectors and build upon the accomplishments of the inaugural CIF, which occurred in Trinidad and Tobago last November, and expedite the Agency’s mission of creating a more environmentally sustainable and technologically advanced Caribbean.

CIF 2023 will concentrate on assisting businesses in attracting investments in these key areas including the adoption of renewable energy practices to enhance competitiveness and leverage the green economy, the integration of technology in business operations, encompassing ICT, digitalization of processes, and FinTech, the development and implementation of technology in agriculture and support CARICOM’s goal of reducing the region’s food import bill by 25% by 2025, and the enhancement of the region’s infrastructure pertaining to transportation and logistics.

It is anticipated that this year’s event will surpass last year’s achievements and attract over 800 business professionals seeking to invest in the Caribbean or secure investment into their multi-million-dollar projects.

The event serves as the foremost platform for attracting investments in the region, offering an opportunity to showcase the Caribbean as an appealing investment destination with the potential to drive transformative growth. The CIF is distinguished by its exclusive focus on investment, with the primary aim of attracting businesspersons from the region and carefully screened investors from around the world who are interested in participating and contributing to the event.