EU-LAC Partnerships: Unveiling the Learnings and Opportunities

Open Call #1 Results and Insights

The results of the first Open Call for EU-LAC Partnerships are now available, bringing to light valuable insights and lessons from our initial wave of business collaborations between Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. This month’s newsletter dives into the activity on our matching platform, the applications received, the selected partnerships, and the sectors they represent.

Our Matching Platform: A Hub for Innovators

🚀 Over 1,000 EU-LACkers! Our Matching Platform has become a bustling hub with over 1,000 innovators actively expanding their business networks. This platform is where startups and corporates meet, share challenges, and form partnerships to drive innovation. Ready to grow your network? Join our community here!

Open Call #1: Applications and Selections

We received 18 applications for EU-LAC partnerships, all aimed at accelerating business collaboration from proof-of-concept to scaling up. These partnerships began with corporates identifying challenges and seeking digital solutions through our matching platform. Startups then connected with these corporates, leading to the formation of EU-LAC partnerships.

Selected Partnerships: We have selected 10 partnerships in this first open call, focused on smart production challenges. These partnerships will receive 6-month in-kind acceleration services valued at up to 30,000 euros to foster growth and innovation. (Note: 2 partnerships are still under revision.)

Open Call #1: Regional Insights

Our corporate venturing model spans Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean. Here’s a breakdown of the applications:

  • Europe: 100% of applications involve a partner from Europe.
  • Latin America: 80% (16 applications) involve a partner from Latin America.
  • Caribbean: 20% (3 applications) involve a partner from the Caribbean.

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Upcoming Open Call: Cleantech Sector

Ready to make a positive impact on our planet? Our next call for EU-LAC partnerships will focus on the cleantech sector. European, Latin American, and Caribbean corporates facing sustainability challenges are invited to share them on our matching platform. We aim to connect you with startups offering digital solutions that enhance performance, reduce ecological impact, and improve resource use.

Share your challenge here! Link to platform

Let’s begin a new wave of EU-LAC business partnerships committed to fostering a positive impact on our planet!