Original Flava is Cooking with Absolutely Caribbean Products

That’s right!

Over the next few weeks UK brother’s Craig and Shaun McAnuff from Original Flava will share some tantalising recipes using authentic Caribbean products that you can follow along and prepare easily in your kitchen.

An initiative of Caribbean Export to support raising visibility and awareness of Caribbean products, the Absolutely Caribbean cooking series will feature:

  1. Curry shrimp using Naledo’s Truly Turmeric paste

2. Sweet pepper lamb steaks using Firehouse Spices

3. Rum & Tonic using Claytons Kola Tonic

4. Chocolate brownies using Definite Chocolate

5. Curried vegetables using Eatons Mango Jam

6. Gin and champagne cocktail using Blue Light Caribbean Gin

7. Spicey chicken wings using Habanero Trinidad sauce

8. Corn fritters using Elan’s Tamarind BBQ sauce

9. Frothy coffee frappuccino using Trumpet Tree’s Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee

10. Mango ketchup chicken using Flauriel sauces by Sugar Town Organics

Be sure to follow Absolutely Caribbean on Instagram and look out each Thursday for a new recipe!