Association des artisans Ciudad Corazón


Dominican Republic


The Association of Artisans Ciudad Corazón aims to increase the participation of artisans in the productive sector. The association aims to achieve comprehensive development that manifests in improving the standard of living and consolidating the artisanal activity as a generator of better jobs and higher incomes.


MARCHANTAS DOMINICANAS – are made with a clay base, clothed in different fabrics, and the head is adorned with a cane hat or turbans, cane wallets and provisions such as fruits, made with mud, coffee seeds, cane brooms, and miniature baskets. They can be used for home decoration, as a souvenir and as a paper step. The marcher represents the Dominican culture. It is a home service that peasant women provided (brought to the door of their home) – a marketable product, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, and some household items.