Caribbean Export launches “SYMBIOSIS,” an exhibition that merges Dominican and Haitian talent.

The showcase transcends geographical boundaries to present the work of 16 artisans in the field of handmade jewelry, with the aim of highlighting the design potential and craftsmanship of the island.

SANTO DOMINGO – “Symbiosis,” an exhibition and design brand, has been created within the Trade and Private Sector component of the Haiti-Dominican Republic Bilateral Cooperation Program, financed by the European Union under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF). This component is executed by the Caribbean Export Development Agency, the only trade and investment promotion agency for CARIFORUM countries.

With the objective of strengthening the production capacity of the craft value chain, as well as fostering creative and cultural diversity on the island through the design of new value-added products to enhance export offerings and contribute to the economic development of the sector, Caribbean Export announced “Symbiosis,” a binational exhibition featuring artisans from the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Comprised of 16 artists and designers from both countries, the exhibition will include a jewelry collection, enriching the project and highlighting the cultural expression of the Caribbean. It will take place from June 23rd to 25th, 2023, at Quinta Dominica in Santo Dominigo, Dominican Republic, showcasing 125 unique pieces.

In this first edition, the emphasis is on the creation of handmade jewelry, primarily fashion accessories, in various shapes and colors, using raw materials shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti, with a particular focus on vegetation (coconut palm), minerals (semiprecious stones such as jasper, malachite, azurite, amber, and larimar), and animal byproducts (horn and bone).

It is worth noting that all these natural objects have been transformed and designed to become an original collection of goldsmithing, promoting responsible practices in terms of natural resource use, environmental respect, and appreciation of culture and tradition. The collection is made with the skill of Dominican and Haitian artisans, which the public will be able to appreciate during the exhibition.

“This production is intended for export. The marketing channel selected to commercialize the products will cater to the demands of the niche market in the English-speaking Caribbean, Europe, and North America. Similarly, this collection promotes binational dialogue between both countries through the collaborative spirit with which these pieces were created. We aim to position craftsmanship, as well as all creative industries, as an engine for economic development, aiming towards the internationalization of the art and culture industry and thus harnessing the economic potential of this value chain,” emphasized Leonel Naut, Deputy Executive Director of Caribbean Export Agency.