Consultancy – Development of a Standardization Manual for the Production of Dominican Chacabanas, as Well as the Elaboration of a Digital Plotting of the Standardized Patterns

The governments of the Dominican Republic and Haiti as well as the European Union have entrusted the Caribbean Export Development Agency (Caribbean Export) with the implementation of the “Trade and Private Sector Component” of the Binational Cooperation Program between Haiti and the Dominican Republic under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) FED /2018/399-379. This component seeks on one hand, to improve the general business and investment climate in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and, on the other hand, to enhance the international image and perception of the two countries.

The program has three (3) main objectives:

  1. To promote more balanced and formal trade exchanges between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
  2. To improve the quality of goods produced in the two countries and the competitiveness of companies by paying particular attention to the following three (3) value chains: cocoa / chocolate; essential oils / cosmetics; and Handicraft/fashion/accessories/jewelry.
  3. To Consolidate institutional cooperation between Ministries dealing with trade affairs and Customs Administrations, as well as dialogue between the public and private sectors as well as within the private sector.

In view of the second objective, Caribbean Export will seek to develop and/or strengthen the binational value chain for handicrafts, fashion, accessories, and jewelry. To this end, the Agency will launch a call for the preparation of a standardization manual for the production of Dominican chabacanas (technical data sheet), as well as the preparation of a digital plot of the standardized patterns.

General objective:

– This manual and digital pattern will be instruments where the characteristics of the Dominican chabacanas and the manufacturing processes will be detailed. They will function as tools to provide the most relevant data on the production of chabacanas. They will contain summarized and useful information for the production and manufacturing processes of the chabacanas.

The profile of the consultant(s) for this contract is as follows 

  • Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, information technologies, digital economy, or related areas.
  • At least three (3) years of professional experience in the development and implementation in studies related to the project’s subject matter.
  • Experience in trade and private sector projects management, including APE;
  • Extensive knowledge of the Dominican Republic, knowledge of bi-national trade (Dominican Republic and Haiti), as well as the regional context of Caribbean Community (CARICOM), and trade flows in the Caribbean region;
  • Experience in the private sector will be an asset.
  • All reports will be written in Spanish.

Applicants are asked to download the full terms of reference and submit their applications no later than 5:00 pm (Haitian time) on March 3rd, 2023, to the following email address kmarseille[@] with the reference “Technical Assistance – Standardization Manual”.