Consultancy: E-Commerce Strategy and Site Development Training/Coaching Services

This consultancy shall develop and deliver quality hands-on training and provide advisory services to firms in the development of E-commerce strategy, selection of appropriate online presence modalities, market access issues and requirements, marketing, customer engagement, and other related growth strategies.

Specifically, this initiative will:

  • Train Caribbean firms and BSOs in E-Commerce
  • Increase the number of new Caribbean E-Commerce sites
  • Expand the number of Caribbean products being sold via E-Commerce
  • Increase export sales via E-Commerce
  • Expand the sale of Caribbean products into new markets
  • Equip the BSOs with E-Commerce coaching skills
  • Provide BSOs and firms with the key E-Commerce online tools needed
  • Develop an online repository of all the training sessions and information to assist firms via Caribbean Export´s e-learning platform.
  • Develop E-Commerce strategies for firms

It is expected through this intervention, participating businesses will be equipped to access new markets and increase sales through the competent and confident use of E-Commerce, and BSOs will be in a state of readiness to guide and support businesses in the adoption and competent use of E-Commerce strategies and tools in a sustainable manner.

We are therefore inviting eligible and competent individual consultants or firms to submit proposals to carry out training and coaching for the E-Commerce site development, E-Commerce strategy and growth component of the VEAP project. The consultant will develop and deliver appropriate and engaging learning experiences so businesses and BSOs can acquire and develop the knowledge and skills needed to develop an appropriate E-Commerce strategy, analyse and decide on the online site options, grow the business through target market intelligence, marketing and customer engagement and retention strategies among other related approaches.

Those interested are kindly asked to read the full terms of reference and submit a proposal outlining the methodology and curriculum. In addition, a financial proposal and Curriculum Vitae detailing work undertaken in E-Commerce are to be presented electronically to Phillip Jackson at: copied to Damie Sinanan at

The deadline for submissions is July 29, 2022, 4:30 pm EST.

To participate in any procurement undertaken by Caribbean Export, all applicants must complete and submit to the agency the Applicant Declaration Form.