TOR: Creation of an Informational Website for the Haitian Bureau of Standardization (BHN)

Under objective two (2), Caribbean Export seeks to build awareness of quality standards and technical regulations among owners and operators of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in collaboration with the Haitian Bureau of Standardization (BHN).in Haiti and the Instituto Dominicano de la Calidad (INDOCAL) in the Dominican Republic. In this sense, a modern, easy-to-use and visually appealing website will be created to be used by the BHN as a tool for public awareness and communication on standards and quality, as well as on the harmonization work carried out, within the framework of the binational program, with the Instituto Dominicano de la Calidad, INDOCAL, partner of the BHN.


In accordance with the general objective of strengthening quality infrastructure in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, BHN and INDOCAL are committed to strengthening their commitments to the private sector. In this sense, organizations seek to promote awareness of quality standards and norms, as well as improve communication between them. The Haitian Bureau of Standardization (BHN) does not have, to date, a website. It is therefore necessary, in order to meet the objectives previously expressed, that it acquires such an attractive tool, easy to use and innovative, to promote and share information on standards and quality with Haitian SMEs and other private sector actors in Haiti as well as those in the Dominican Republic. This website will allow the BHN to be more interactive with the various actors in terms of standards and quality, including within the framework of the binational program with INDOCAL.

The specific objectives of this site are (among others);

1. Improve the knowledge of owners and operators of SMEs on quality standards.

2. Promote awareness of the roles of the BHN and INDOCAL within the framework of the binational relationship; and

3. Raise public awareness of the impact of quality regulations on market access opportunities.

The main users of the site will be officials from BHN, INDOCAL.

The language of this consultancy is French, and all proposals must be submitted in French.

The deadline for submissions is October 28th, 2022, 5:00 pm (Haiti local time).