General Information Brochure

Caribbean Export is the leading regional trade and investment promotion agency in the African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) group.

We are focused on accelerating the economic transformation of the Caribbean and work with the private sector to increase exports, attract foreign direct investment and create meaningful jobs.

Through the delivery of innovative, targeted initiatives designed to enhance Caribbean business growth, we partner with small businesses that have the export potential or are already exporting to increase their capacity, competitiveness and export their products and services.

In doing so, we aim to contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Caribbean countries and support businesses to transition from national firms to regional and ultimately international businesses.

Agri-Invest Country Profiles

This publication provides information on the agriculture sector and investment opportunity for each CARICOM Member State.

Investing in CARICOM’s agriculture sector is investing in the food and nutrition security of the region.

2021 Annual Results Report

With the continued support of its partners and in particular the support of the European Union, Caribbean Export has been able to undertake invaluable private sector development work in the region, assisting CARIFORUM small businesses to become more competitive and access new markets.

The 2021 Annual Results Report presents the outcomes, results and impact achieved on the ground.

The Impact of the EU-UK Trade Agreement on Caribbean Exporters

The UK’s departure from the EU customs union and singe market has created new trade challenges along triangular supply chains where goods have to cross on EU/UK border prior to delivery to the final customers. This affects both Caribbean-to-UK-to-EU and Caribbean-to-EU-to-UK supply chains. Agri-food products are most seriously affected since these products face the highest MFN tariffs, strict phytosanitary import controls and are often more commercially sensitive to delivery delays. While many Caribbean export sectors are affected, the worst affected products appear to be sugar, rum, fruit and vegetables (including bananas), fisheries products and to a lesser degree cocoa-based products. The current arrangements have disproportionately large effect on small firms than larger exporters. Significantly, policy initiatives can facilitate private sector adjustments and mitigate challenges faced by Caribbean exporters.