Creating Border-Zone Industrial Parks

The creation of a border-zone industrial park on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic supports the sustainable increased economic activity and impact for both countries including job creation. This publication looks at investment opportunities at the Haiti-Dominican Republic border.

Opportunities at the Haiti-Dominican Republic Border Zone

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This publication provides information on the agriculture sector and investment opportunity for each CARICOM Member State.

Investing in CARICOM’s agriculture sector is investing in the food and nutrition security of the region.

Implementation Report 2017-2020

This publication highlights the activities and initiatives implemented by Caribbean Export as we seek to build business, transform lives for a resilient Caribbean.

Caribbean Investment Opportunities

Whether you are considering a new investment or you are seeking to expand existing operations, the Caribbean is the ideal location for your business.

Tradeshow Success: Evaluation

The tradeshow is over. Now what? There are a number of key issues to address including determining whether the event was beneficial to your business.

Report – Absolutely Caribbean: Unlocking the Profit Potential of the Caribbean

At the Absolutely Caribbean Virtual Expo 2020 you’ll discover the range of products and services that can be sourced from the region. Focusing on natural products and nutraceuticals, sauces and condiments and alcoholic beverage, we’ve hand selected over 50 of the most innovative companies from the Caribbean.

There has been a growing trend for Caribbean food, beverages and natural products across Europe and as consumer demands continue to grow there is huge potential for European buyers.

The Absolutely Caribbean Virtual Expo takes place on 17 – 18th November, 2020.

Are you ready to Unlock the Profit Potential of the Caribbean?

Impact Study- Culture in the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement – Rebalancing trade flows between Europe and the Caribbean?

The potential of Article 16 in contributing to dynamic cultural exchanges with long-lasting effects in both developed and developing countries is evident but its actual implementation and impact on the ground remain underdeveloped and underexplored. This study conducted by Mira Burri and Keith Nurse, which examines the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) concluded in October 2008 between the European Union (EU) and CARIFORUM States, seeks to fill this gap.