The Virtual e-Commerce Accelerator Programme Gets Underway

Thirty Business Support Organisations (BSOs) and 150 businesses from across the region will participate in a 5-month joint online training initiative to support E-commerce adoption as part of their business strategies and operations. The technical support provided under the Virtual E-Commerce Accelerator Programme (VEAP) started today, Thursday February 2, 2023.

Two Caribbean digital transformation specialists, Gilbert Williams and Leighton Campbell are facilitating the training and coaching. These master trainers met with representative from BSOs in 13 Member States over a period of five weeks to prepare them with core content and strategy that will allow each of the BSOs to work with at least 5 businesses throughout the rest of the programme. The BSOs will work together with the master trainers to guide the businesses to successfully adopt e-commerce leading to increased sales and expanded market reach.

“The VEAP is part of Caribbean Export’s wider digital transformation of business agenda. Key design elements of the programme include building the capacity of BSOs to deliver e-commerce adoption initiatives to their clients during and beyond the project’s life.  I am confident that we have developed a unique and adequate methodology to achieve this outcome.” – stated Phillip Jackson, Programme Lead and Advisor for Innovation and Digital Business.

The VEAP is an 18-month Technical Cooperation (TC) supported by a grant from the French Development Agency through Expertise France, the French international technical cooperation agency and implemented by Caribbean Export Development Agency.

The current training will be followed by a second installment of the programme that will incorporate the lessons learnt from the first iteration. The second phase will target a new cohort of businesses.

For more information or to get involved contact Phillip Jackson at : pjackson[at]