Ayitika SA






AYITIKA is a social enterprise created in 2012 whose objective is to enhance the quality of Haiti’s cocoas in niche markets and to increase incomes in rural areas. The company intervenes on the entire chain (selection of exceptional varieties, production, technical accompaniment producers, fermentation marketing). AYITIKA has a thousand small producer partners operating 300 hectares with which a fair relationship is established. Thanks to an innovative research and development policy and the creation of partnerships with international research centres and chocolatiers, the company has a specialized team and processes in line with international standards. AYITIKA has relaunched production in 3 previously unvalued terroirs (land): South-East, South and Nippes. The company’s social commitment also translates into collaboration with universities, sector ministries and cooperation in Haiti to ensure an overall progression of the thread.


The company today offers products and services in B to B: a) Seedlings of transplanted cocoa (aromatic, productive, adapted clones); b) Biofertilizers (vermicompot, bocashi); c) Technical advice services and d) Fermented cocoa following a process guaranteeing the maintenance of the original aromas of beans and natural environment (terroirs).