Artesanía Caribeña





Caribbean Craft is dedicated to promoting through exports the beauty of Haiti. We focus on sharing with the world the creative and positive aspects of our country by showcasing the beautiful craftmanship of our country’s artisans. As a centre of artistic creativity and inventiveness, Haiti is exemplified by the vibrant traditions and continuation of self-taught painting with colorful style and lines.

Caribbean Craft strives to find ecological uses for recycled material.
The renowned “oil drum art” is made from recycled steel drums;
the trendy papier maché comes from empty cement bags and starch made from locally grown arrowroot.


Caribbean Craft designs beautiful goods from recycled material to make your home uniquely enjoyable. Inspired greatly by nature our collections light up your interior, bringing it to life.
Preserving our cultural heritage Caribbean Craft shares with the world our rich culture letting our artisans design contemporary and modern pieces drawing from our ancient and traditional techniques.