Consultancy: Technical Assistance for the Renewal of the Xocolat Brand

Under the 11th EDF bi-national Programme, Caribbean Export along with its bi-national partners has decided to pursue the development of a Binational Value Chain Strategy for the Cocoa/Chocolate sector in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, in order to maximize the potential export from both countries.

As part of the Strategy, ten (10) beneficiaries from the cocoa sector in Haiti and the DR were identified, (five (5) from each country), to be part of the Value Chain Project and an individual strategy/a detailed Action Plan was prepared for each, to improve its quality and international competitiveness, including possible collaborations with other international institutions.

In August 2020, Caribbean Export started with the implementation of the individual strategies and action plans for the beneficiary companies of the Project. Therefore, this consultancy is part of the activities agreed with the company Xocolat, in the letter of agreement that was signed with Caribbean Export, in response to the immediate need of the company.


The objective of this consultancy is to give continuity to the Xocolat brand as a leader in innovation in the Dominican chocolate industry, in order to sustainably improve the image of the brand; present products under the best international standards and a greater presence of online sales.

Specific objectives

  • Renewed and fresher brand image in order to be striking and recognizable for an emerging young audience;
  • Great consumer acceptance, at all levels, of the new presentation and renewed image of the brand;
  • Easy access to purchase through online sales and home delivery in the Dominican Republic.

Interested persons are kindly asked to review the full terms of reference and submit a technical and financial proposal electronically to Ileana Tejada, Senior Advisor – PSD and Investment Promotion at

The deadline for submissions is November 17, 2022, 4:30 pm EST.