Angel Touch





Angel Touch was established in 2016 in Nathania Dominique’s (owner) kitchen with the purpose of helping others by crafting unique formulas. Today Angel Touch is a small cosmetics atelier specializing in the manufacture of skin, hair and body care products for women and men 25-60 years of age. Through its meticulously formulated creations, Angel Touch aims to trigger a unique sensorial and spiritual experience for its enthusiastic devotees, contributing to their well-being by connecting them to a range of positive emotions.

Over the years the company has created a complementary line of products consisting of aromatic candles, air & linen fresheners and diffusers. In its quest to provide a holistic experience of wellness, Angel Touch has developed the concept of the Wellness Café which combines healthy eating, a spiritual cocoon and the zen creativeness of its personal care product line. More than a company, Angel Touch is a lifestyle.


Angel Touch’s main products are body lotion, body scrub, body oil, body wash, body soap, shampoo and conditioner, hand soap, facial scrub, tanning oil, face oil, hair oil and face serum.