ODEFCAGA (Organisation pour le Développement de la Filière Cacao de la Grand’ Anse)




ODEFCAGA is a legally registered association with the Social Affairs and Labor Ministry of Haiti with six cocoa cooperatives, totalling 2,500 producers, 60% of whom are women. ODEFCAGA’s main focus is the production and export of high-end fermented cocoa beans and each of the cooperatives has a fermentation center. ODEFCAGA is governed by an eleven-member board supported by a five-member executive committee that oversees the day-to-day management and operations of the organization.”

The objective of the association is to strengthen the cocoa value chain in the Grand ‘Anse. ODEFCAGA therefore provides experts who train and provide technical support to actors and stakeholders of the cocoa value chain. Members have benefited from various trainings in; cocoa production, cocoa processing (chocolate production), business management, marketing, access to credit etc…”

One cooperative has already obtained organic certification while ODEFCAGA aims to achieve the same labeling for all six member cooperatives. To create jobs and diversify revenue sources for women cooperative members, ODEFCAGA is currently finalizing the construction of a chocolate workshop in Jérémie, the capital city of the Grand’Anse, where conventional cocoa will soon be processed into chocolate bars.


ODEFCAGA’s focus is the production and export of high-end fermented cocoa beans.