Choublac / Caribbean Island Apparel





CHOUBLAC is a small Haitian company founded in 2010 under the umbrella of Caribbean Island Apparel, S.A. CHOUBLAC specializes in exquisite local handcrafted goods. The company’s mission is to promote sustainable change in Haiti’s artisan communities through innovation, design guidance, high standards of quality control and socially responsible trade practices. CHOUBLAC seek out, organize, and mobilize the creative talents of Haiti’s artisans, helping them to achieve beautiful products with lasting results. The company has two outlets in Haiti and have thrived over the past ten years to provide a reliable market for these artisans. Over 500 artisans within these communities benefit from CHOUBLAC business and many groups are mainly women.


The CHOUBLAC Collection is unique and distinguishes itself from the usual Haitian crafts because the company constantly spends time innovating and improving the quality standards with the artisans and providing design guidance based on the current market trends. All CHOUBLAC’s products are skillfully handcrafted and represent the very best quality in their category. The company promotes economic growth in the communities in which it works and endeavors to enhance the image of Haiti through the beauty of its crafts and the talent of its people.