Dominican Republic


Xocolat created in 1993 by Chef Diana Munné, is a third-generation cocoa and chocolate business operating in the Dominican Republic for more than 80 years. The company has produced the first artisanal chocolates using the best Organic Cocoa Hispaniola grown in the Dominican Republic.

Combining chocolate with the finest ingredients XOCOLAT makes an exquisite variety of chocolates. Since 1993 -1999 the company has specialized in presenting and decorating its products to meet the demanding needs of its customers. In 2000 it began to enter the corporate market with customized products for the hotel and retail market. By 2005 Xocolat incorporated the pastry line using chocolate as its main ingredient.

The company operates a specialty chocolate store at the centre of Santo Domingo, with complete lines of different products all using their own chocolate brand Xocolat to produce beverages, bonbons, truffles, chocolates cakes and many different novelties.


Xocolat produces chocolate bars for hotel amenities and gift shops including:

  • Caribbean flavours chocolate bars, 48 grs from origins Hispaniola cacao and 5 flavours distinctive from our Caribbean islands
  • Traditional bars 48gr, 5 flavours, pure flavours of our 100% Hispaniola cacao
  • Rustic aged Dark chocolate bars 22gr, 4 flavours, first grind process chocolate, purest form of eating raw chocolate, very dark and
  • Caraques